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A Letter from the Director of Development

Serena Deloglos July 06, 2015
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It takes a lot of people to run a nation-wide ministry like TeenPact. One of the lesser-known divisions of our leadership structure is the Department of Development. This is the branch of TeenPact that is responsible for raising funds that allow us to operate and grow. We asked the department’s director, Pam Minyard, to share a few thoughts about what her work entails, why it is so important, and what you can do to support this essential part of our ministry.


From locating lost cattle on a cattle ranch in New Mexico to zooming down a zip line in Arkansas, my work as TeenPact Director of Development involves lots of adventure and great rewards. However, the most exciting aspect of resource development is watching someone embrace the TeenPact mission and move from a spectator to an investor.


With an annual budget of 1.9 million dollars, TeenPact depends on cash donations to make up approximately one-third of the annual budget. It is my privilege to connect these donors to our work on a daily basis.  Through phone calls, notes and letters, text messages, emails, and personal visits, it is my job to identify, cultivate, solicit, and maintain a stewardship relationship with these individuals, foundations, and corporations that make or have potential for making donations to TeenPact.


TeenPact could not exist without financial donors; thus it is very important that we model gratefulness within the ministry.


TeenPact Leadership Schools could not exist without these financial donors; thus, it is very important that we model gratefulness within the ministry.  Our donors love to hear from the students that they are investing in, so hand-written notes from students to our donors are of great value. Donors enjoy participating as volunteers and delight in “seeing” their financial investment at work in the lives of TeenPact students.


Working with people and connecting them to the mission of TeenPact continues to be one of the greatest joys of my life.  By God’s grace, I’m able to expose lots of people to the TeenPact Ministry. While they do not always become donors, they always become new friends!


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