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Peter Martin March 21, 2019
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2019 Midseason Update






For the past five TeenPact seasons, this framed 20th Anniversary photograph has hung in my office. Today as I look up at it, we’re celebrating again – 25 years of seeing God change lives to change the world.



Last week, the 2019 Intern Team and Office Staff gathered in Richmond, Virginia, for our TeenPact Midseason Debrief.  This week is a time for our team to rest, reflect, refresh, and prepare for the second half of the 2019 Season as well as celebrate God’s mercy and goodness to TeenPact.  



The Bible is filled with countless stories of people celebrating the faithfulness of God. There were celebrations, feasts, dedications, moments of spontaneous joy, and times of thanksgiving. Today as we celebrate at TeenPact, we remember all the ways God has blessed us over the last 25 years – through trials and struggles, through blessings and victories, and through good times and dark times.



Throughout the week, I was blessed most by the unity displayed by Intern Team and Office Staff.  We encouraged each other to continue to pursue God as we represent Him. And were challenged to continue working together in a spirit of excellence as we instruct, inspire, and motivate TeenPact students to live lives that glorify and honor God.



One of my favorite moments was Wednesday evening when we had an extended time of worship praising God for His faithfulness. This theme of God’s faithfulness weaves strong through TeenPact’s story – from that first class in the Georgia State Capitol to the classes happening this week. Our team is excited to see this theme continue to unfold throughout the rest of the season.



Oh, that I could share the hundreds of stories of lives that have been changed during the first weeks of the season. However, since there are far too many for one post, I’d encourage you to seek out a TeenPact Program Director, Intern, State Coordinator, Class Director, or Staff Member and ask them to share a story of blessing from this season.



May God continue to work through TeenPact and inspire each of us and our families to continue to seek Him in all our actions. Would you join us in prayer as we finish up the 25th Anniversary TeenPact Season?






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