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Serena Deloglos October 05, 2015
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Lake house. Ritz Carlton. Shooting range. Bonfire. Football field. These are only a few of the places that young women from around the country could be found a few weeks ago at Endeavor East in Oconee, Georgia. For those of you who read the Endeavor West Recap, you know that Endeavor is our event for young women. I had the opportunity to staff both camps this year, and at each, I was met with a precious truth over and over again: God’s love is endlessly sweet.



At Endeavor, there are countless opportunities provided for students and staff to experience this sweetness through fellowship with God and with one another. Every morning is spent in personal devotional time, “Bonjour”, followed by a few minutes spent with an assigned prayer partner. At breakfast, staff and mentors meet with the girls individually for a time of one-on-one discipleship. The rest of the morning is spent in praise and worship, scripture recitation, and corporate study.



One of the most unique aspects of our Endeavor program is the layers of mentorship that are available. At both Endeavor West and Endeavor East there was a staff team of young women as well as a group of mentors (known as chaperones at other events) present to run the kitchen and assist in ministry to the students. Among the mentor group you will find women of all ages: moms, young adults, even grandmothers – all ladies who have aged out of TeenPact but still have a heart for ministry. Whatever a student’s relational needs are, there are many godly women to go to.


Ask any staffer in TeenPact how they feel after an event and you will find that physical exhaustion is a theme. However, time and time again, the Lord grants spiritual refreshment through the opportunity to serve. The same was immensely true at Endeavor East. We left the week feeling spent but also spiritually fed and cleansed. This event is an experience that I strongly encourage all TeenPacters (well, all the ladies anyway!) to join us in next year.




All photography credit goes to Maddie Sullivan.

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