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Hall of Fame – 2014 Inductees

Anna Montgomery June 30, 2014
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Emily Matson

Emily was a TeenPact student in 1995, interned in 1998, and helped start the first Judicial event.  She has been involved at various times over the years, particularly with TeenPact Judicial.  Emily has been a TeenPact Board member since 2006, is a practicing attorney in Rome, GA, is married to her husband, Patrick, and has two children.  Emily is a gifted singer and musician, and has led worship at her church.





Tim Echols

Mr. Tim Echols founded TeenPact Leadership Schools 20 years ago, with the first state class occurring in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 with 18 students.  The initial concept of having teens making an impact in their community and their culture continues today on a nationwide basis.  Mr. Echols and his wife, Windy have been married for over 30 years and have seven children.  Mr. Echols worked for Campus Crusade for Christ, and in his family’s used car business.  Mr. Echols was elected to the Public Service Commission in November 2010.  In this full time capacity, the PSC regulates energy, telecom, and transportation in the state of Georgia.





The TeenPact Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor TeenPact Alumni who have significantly impacted the TeenPact community or their world with the vision and goals of TeenPact Leadership Schools by living a life of excellence. Nominees must be out of TeenPact as a student or student-staffer for at least 3 years to qualify. To nominate someone, please email [email protected].



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