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Hall of Fame – 2015 Inductees

Anna Montgomery June 30, 2015
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Vivian Davis

Vivian Davis was the first employee hired by TeenPact and served as office administrator for over 10 years. She wore many hats during her time with TeenPact including handling donations, state class and alumni event registration (by hand!), and other administrative work for ministry. Miss. D. served as surrogate mother, grandmother, or mentor to dozens of interns, staff members, and students as they passed through the TeenPact office in Atlanta. She is greatly loved by all TeenPacters and is a mother/grandmother to many. She also happens to be Founder Tim Echols mother-in-law!





Justin Neal

Justin attended his first TeenPact class in GA in 1995, and then went on to staff many state classes and Alumni events, including the inaugural Back to DC event. He was elected as TeenPact President in 1998 and introduced the Presidential Bibles. Justin has been a favorite speaker at several National Conventions and is a TeenPact Board member (since 2005) Justin is currently a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual, and is married to his wife Lindsey, and they have two young sons.





The TeenPact Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor TeenPact Alumni who have significantly impacted the TeenPact community or their world with the vision and goals of TeenPact Leadership Schools by living a life of excellence. Nominees must be out of TeenPact as a student or student-staffer for at least 3 years to qualify. To nominate someone, please email [email protected].



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