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Johnny Leifheit June 21, 2017
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Who are you? Think deeply on these three simple words. Sure, you might answer quickly with your name, where you’re from, or your hobbies. But is that truly answering the question? Are these surface level facts the defining makeup of who we are? Is it our past; the decisions we’ve made, the people we know or the places we’ve been? Is it our present, or future? Might it be something more; something deeper? My friends, what we are asking is fundamentally a question of identity.


I find myself often pondering just what it is that makes me who I am; what makes me human, or even a man. Yes, I am male by gender, nonetheless, I would argue it’s not one in the same as being a man. Surely it doesn’t take great analytical effort to notice there just seems to be something different about the lives of Moses and Paul or Bonhoeffer and Lewis in contrast to most of today’s celebrities. After all, to be a man one has to be male, however, not every male is a man. But if we are going to ask the question of identity, then we must also consider the idea of purpose; what am I here for? Identity and purpose are inextricably linked. But how do we find these? Where do we look? No doubt, answers it seems as hard to discover as a needle in the proverbial haystack of life. Is it possible that we’ve lost sight and connection with the narrative God has for humanity and more specifically for men?



Gentlemen, if you ask questions like these as I do, I’m proud to invite you to TeenPact Venture. Established in 2011, Venture was born from an idea. An idea that young men can be more than the low expectations society projects. More than a mangled self-esteem, or doubt. More than laziness or apathy. More than vain ambition or pride. More than even our past or seemingly regrettable decisions. It’s a hope that we can be a generation who stands with truth and fights for love. A generation that embodies strength of courage, virtue, integrity and authenticity of character. A generation that seeks a chance to live for something, not merely against.



Join us for a week of exploration and action led by an incredible lineup of the 2018 Intern guys! And because we believe in the well-rounded man, Venture offers something for everyone! As part of a fast paced schedule, you’ll take away life-skills such as social etiquette, personal finance, health, auto maintenance and more. Then we’ll test your strength and endurance while teaching you to build a team, participating in obstacle courses, a tough mudder and night-games; all the while competing in our annual flag football tournament building to the championship game under the lights of a regulation field. But most importantly we’ll press in seeking to grow, ask questions, and search the scriptures gleaning from the wisdom of God’s word in the context of true Christ-focused community.



So what are you waiting for? Join the brotherhood. Get messy and be real. Experience a week of striving down the road less traveled in this journey of life, arm over shoulder with the people around you. Discover the essence of biblical masculinity and answer these questions with confidence knowing who you are and what God has called you to be. I’ll see you in September!



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