Media’s Impact Grows

December 07, 2022
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The world needs leaders who have the character and skills to compellingly communicate God’s truth and beauty through all forms of media and other creative arts. In its second year, the Alumni Event, Media, quickly filled, training more Students in 2022 than in its inaugural year. 


Andrew Schade was one of the 36 Students to participate in Media 2022. Below, Andrew relates how this experience affected his life.


“Media was life-changing for me and I thank you for making it possible. I will never forget my Media week!


Learning how to use my creative talents, meeting amazing people, and growing in my walk with The Lord were just a few of the things I learned this week. My heart is full of excitement and joy now that I know more about the ways God [can] shine through me, so that I may glorify him through my talents. I am now certain that I can help bring others closer to God through my talents and abilities.


I also loved growing in my walk with Jesus. From Bonjour to evening worship sessions, I felt the presence of God throughout the week. After being equipped with the armor of Christian fellowship, I am excited about getting closer to God and leading others in this journey, as well.


This was definitely a life-changing experience for me, and I would highly recommend it to others! I am excited about getting closer to God and leading others in this journey as well. Every time I go to a TeenPact event, I am always encouraged. I was able to hear amazing speakers, make amazing friends, and feel built up in the aroma of Christian fellowship. 


Thank you so much for such an amazing week!! I truly enjoyed it! Learning about how to express [forms of] media for God’s glory is such a gift!”


With Gratitude,

Andrew Schade


Media was developed to provide a realistic picture for Students to better understand what a job in media entails and what skills are needed to succeed, while teaching them to effectively and engagingly combine truth and beauty of design. 


Elizabeth Albano, TeenPact’s Director of Communications, shares,


“Too often, one of these vital elements, truth or beauty of design, is not strong. At Media, Students are taught that it is important to not compromise either truth or excellent production, and then shown how this combination is possible.”


Like all other TeenPact events, Students put education into action in engaging, hands-on training that simulates real experiences. During Media, Students use top quality equipment as they learn and practice the skills of excellent production. 


Students choose from these five tracks to focus on a particular area of study: Writing for Story-Telling, Marketing Manager, Social Media/Photography, and Graphic Design. For further information about Media, please check this link.


Your support for TeenPact helps train Students like Andrew to effectively and winsomely communicate God’s beauty and truth in today’s noisy culture. Thank you for investing in these young lives who are motivated and equipped to communicate well and wisely.