Overwhelmed with the Lord’s Presence

Macaela Bennett August 01, 2016
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TeenPact Judicial 2016 was held July 10-16 at Liberty University School of Law. Today we bring you a student testimony written by our friend, Abigail Kent, from Oklahoma. 



After returning from TeenPact Judicial, many of my friends have asked, “You went to a law school camp, right?” “How was it?” “What was Judicial like?” When I answer I hardly know where to begin…


TeenPact Judicial was one of the most academically challenging and spiritually refreshing weeks I have ever experienced. I loved every minute of it. The preparation for the brief writing competition and the moot court tournament was stretching, making the fellowship between the students, staff, and Liberty University School of Law professors particularly intentional. I experienced characteristic TeenPact comradery at a deeper level as we supported and encouraged each other through the higher level of academics. It was an incredible introduction to the world of law school. But its function as a “law school camp” only begins to scratch the surface of Judicial.


Like every other TeenPact alumni event, Judicial carried with it an atmosphere infused with Christ.For me, the week was a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness and provision.


For me, the week was a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness and provision.


I hadn’t felt the Lord really move in my life for about a year. I wanted spiritual revival more than anything but I felt spiritually exhausted and discouraged. At Judicial, the Lord was generous to provide exactly what I needed most. Every worship song was the cry of my heart put to music. Every morning devotional felt like a personalized note from God. Every conversation with a new friend offered some kind words of encouragement which built me up more than those individuals could know. The Lord was unmistakably loving on me in generous ways. I was in total awe of the grace and love of the Lord. He reminded me that He works in our hearts even when we can’t see or feel the immediate results. He is always present, constantly refining our hearts to desire Him more and often it is in the mundane times in life where the most sanctification takes place.



He reminded me that He works in our hearts even when we can’t see or feel the immediate results.


So in answer to the question, “What was Judicial like?” TeenPact Judicial was a milestone in my life. In one sense it was a “week of law school” which grew my mind intellectually. But more importantly, it was a week where I was overwhelmed with the Lord’s presence. The memories I made are numerous. The friendships I formed are eternal. The God I serve is so very good.





Join us for TeenPact Judicial in 2017 to experience this life changing event for yourself.


Do you have a story like Abigail’s about how you’ve been changed at a TeenPact Event? Share your story at teenpact.com/shareyourstory.



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