2019 TeenPact Program Director

Aaron Larvick

Aaron Larvick hails from the great northern state of Michigan. Raised in the charming lakeside town, Waterford, Aaron is the youngest of two siblings.


Aaron immediately fell in love with TeenPact after his first TeenPact experience at a One Day State Class in 2010. The focus that was placed on building a personal relationship with Christ captured his heart. He has been thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in the lives of others in a capacity that develops strong Christian leadership in a community of young people.Aaron can’t wait to see what God will do through the ministry this season as he serves as one of our 2019 Program Directors.


With a heart for bringing people together through music, Aaron is currently pursuing a calling to worship ministry. It should be no surprise then that most days, you can find him listening to or playing music on a variety of instruments, at church and home. When he isn’t making music, Aaron enjoys traveling the country, hanging out with friends, telling great dad jokes, and playing sports (ice hockey and disc golf are some of his favorites).


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