2018 TeenPact Intern

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray is a Greenville, South Carolina, girl at her core–loving everything southern from grits and fried okra to exploring the Blue Ridge foothills.


Amelia was introduced to TeenPact in 2014, but she began to really know and love the program the following year as soon as she arrived at the alumni event, Endeavor. Since then, the ministry has been key in highlighting what servant leadership and Biblical community look like in day-to-day life. She is eager to see how the Lord will work and reveal Himself through TeenPact this upcoming season. Her prayer is not that TeenPact would merely change the world, but that it would change lives solely through the power of the gospel.


Amelia is always seeking a chance to venture outdoors, but above all she cherishes any meaningful time spent with a friend, new or old. In her element, you can often find her catching up with a friend at the local bagel shop or stopping by an elderly one’s house for a surprise visit, and no doubt updating the journal that is probably by her side.


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