Bruce Bigler

Bruce has called Tulsa, Oklahoma, home his entire life. Oklahoma may not be the most exciting state, but it has provided him with an exciting childhood filled with swimming, rock climbing, tennis, & hanging out with his siblings. Today, Sonic runs with friends, traveling piano, & playing with his dogs. He is attending the University of Tulsa, where he hopes to pursue a career in Medicine. 

Bruce’s family has been involved with TeenPact since 2018, but he didn’t attend his first state class until 2021, with no idea what to expect. He fell in love with the ministry immediately, & spent the 2022 & 2023 seasons sharing his passion for leadership and Christ with others through TeenPact. His favorite parts of TeenPact are Rendezvous, Killball, and elections, but most of all, the community of people all intently focused on serving Christ and others. Bruce is so thankful for the ways that the Lord has used TeenPact to grow him exponentially in his faith and have given him opportunities to share his Joy with others. Bruce cannot wait to see how the Lord will work through this season and is excited to be a part of His work. 

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