Caleb Black

Throughout most of Caleb’s life, he called Belleville, Illinois, home until a few years ago when he and his family moved one town over. Now Caleb’s family enjoys the best of both worlds, living on a little property in the woods and only fifteen minutes from downtown St. Louis. Southern Illinois hiking with family has been a highlight for Caleb since he was young. Caleb is a middle child with two older sisters and a younger brother. Often, one can find Caleb and his family gathered around the dining room table, talking for hours.


Caleb grew up spending almost every day playing catch and simulating the World Series in the backyard with his childhood best friend, who lived three houses down. Caleb has loved all things sports and the outdoors. While Caleb might have been even obsessed with basketball and baseball at times, snowboarding might be Caleb’s favorite thing to do.

Over the last year, Caleb has been blessed with the opportunity to help start a college ministry at his church. Caleb has found great fulfillment in leading group discussions, bringing him to study the Word in a way he had not before. Caleb began his TeenPact journey at the One Day class when he was eight. He has been stretched and grown in ways he never thought possible. Caleb is overjoyed to have the opportunity to invest in the hearts and minds of so many students as a traveling intern; and incredibly excited to see how the Lord will move.

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