2021 Program Director

Chad Fryer

Chad Fryer is from the small, southern town of Tyrone, Georgia. Just far enough outside of Atlanta, Chad enjoys the perfect blend of city life and the countryside. He is the second oldest of his three siblings and loves being close with all of them.


The Fryer family has been enthusiastically involved in TeenPact for many years. Chad started in TeenPact in 2012, when he attended his first One Day Class. After reluctantly going to his first Four Day Class in 2017, he quickly fell in love with the ministry. He strives to impact the community around him in all areas of life and has grown a lot as a leader throughout his years, both a Student and Staffer. Chad has seen God work powerfully in and through TeenPact and could not be more excited to see that continue as he returns as a Program Director in 2021.


Chad finds great fulfillment in being around his friends, most often as he plays games and sports. He enjoys working with his dad and brother in their family business. In his free time, you can find him reading, playing the guitar, fishing, or thrifting for dad hats to add to his collection. Some of Chad’s most treasured time is spent being discipled and discipling others. Chad is currently studying Christian Studies and Business at Liberty University, with hopes of eventually going into full-time ministry as a pastor.


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