Emily Nagel

Emily calls the beautiful state of Michigan home. During the summer months, she enjoys jet skiing on one of the 62,800 lakes in the Great Lakes state or going on sunset walks. Growing up with four sisters, Emily loved that her house is always full of joy, love, and laughter. She has spent countless hours in the kitchen with her family talking about topics ranging from deep life questions to their latest silly escapades.


She often processes life by escaping alone with the Lord while strumming on her guitar or banging on a piano. Emily loves deep conversations and has a contagious laugh. She is passionate about coffee dates with friends and playing a good basketball game.


Her TeenPact story began as a quiet 14-year-old student. During that first week, she quickly realized that this was more than just a fun camp—it would challenge her and transform her relationship with Jesus. She had never seen people so on fire for Jesus, and that passion lit a blaze within her heart. Emily desires to spend the rest of her life devoted to serving the Lord however He calls.  Emily couldn’t be more thrilled to be on the 2024 intern team and can’t wait to watch God build His kingdom and bring glory to Himself. She’s excited to build new friendships, influence the culture, and be a part of the Lord’s work.

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