Harrison Cook

Harrison was born in Louisiana but moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 2010 and has lived there ever since. Mississippi is a very uneventful place and what makes it special is the generous and welcoming community. He has loved going on trips with his family and friends to places such as the Rocky and Smoky Mountains. He has one brother and they have been best friends their entire lives. He enjoyed being the team captain of his basketball team throughout high school and has hopes of becoming an athletic trainer in the future. He loves playing guitar and has used this gift for leading worship at his church and also on Teenpact classes. He has worked for Chick-fil-A for 3 1/2 years. With coffee being a strong passion, he just got a job as a barista at PJ’s Coffee and is currently working on becoming a coffee connoisseur. Harrison attended his first TeenPact Class as a One Day Student in 2013. He then attended his first Four Day class in 2017, first volunteered to staff in 2021, and is looking forward to serving with the ministry in 2024 as a Traveling Intern. He says that his time in TeenPact has been the most life-changing experience of his life. He can not wait to build relationships on various teams and classes and to serve others in their walk with Christ. What he’s most looking forward to this year is being reliant on the Lord and watching God work through the team.

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