Lauren Parker

​​Lauren comes from Chicago, Illinois, where she was born and raised. Known for the Bean, deep-dish pizza, and of course, Garrett’s popcorn, she loves the city’s skyline and its activities and bustle. Growing up, she could be found escaping the concrete jungle of Chicago and road-tripping and exploring the national parks of the U.S. with her family, especially the mountains of Tennessee, Colorado, and Utah, high in some tree with her sisters, or curled in a corner reading books for hours on end.


The oldest in a family of seven, Lauren has four younger siblings ranging from 16 to 8, three of whom are adopted internationally from Latin America. Her passion is caring for kids in need, and she loves talking about adoption, foster care, and Safe Families, an incredible church intervention ministry. If not reading or road-tripping, you’ll find her singing, listening to music, or spending time with friends. 


Since she started with the ministry in 2013, TeenPact has been a pivotal part of Lauren’s life and walk, greatly impacting her perception of a personal relationship with the Lord, the importance of involvement and servant leadership within TeenPact and in everyday life, and what living as Christians in the world should look like. She is beyond excited for this upcoming season and grateful for the opportunity to continue to see how the Lord will work through this ministry to touch the lives and hearts of Christ.

2024 Interns