Nate Brezina

Nate Brezina was born and raised in Newnan, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Growing up, Nate could be found in the backyard playing with his younger brothers, Samuel, Elijah, and Joel. In his free time, he enjoys playing pickup games of soccer, volleyball, and pickleball with his friends and family. Another one of Nate’s favorite pastimes is his car rides, where he often can be found passionately singing lyrics to his favorite songs or listening to podcasts that inspire him to grow in truth. 

Nate is the oldest of five kids. His younger siblings are Samuel, Elijah, Joel, and Lauren, the youngest and only girl in the bunch. Coming from a big family, Nate loves spending time with his parents and siblings, from playing card games to hanging out at the pool. Although Nate has friends from church and school, his closest friends have always been his cousins, who have practically been brothers growing up and continually supported him on his walk with Christ.

In 2016, his TeenPact journey began when eleven-year-old Nate attended the One Day Class. It wasn’t until 2019 that Nate returned, attending his first Four Day, where he fell in love with the ministry. He is beyond excited to be able to be used by Christ to further disciple others and see hearts changed this season!

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