Noah Powers

Noah Powers is a lifelong native of the mitten-shaped state of Michigan, hailing from the small city of Lapeer, a town known for being home to the oldest courthouse in the entire state. While many may complain about Michigan’s harsh winters and blistering summers, Noah finds the four seasons of his state to be one of its greatest and most appealing qualities.


Being the oldest of six siblings, Noah enjoys spending quality time with his five built-in best friends: his three brothers and two sisters. When not at a TeenPact event, you can find him working on his family’s farm, fiddling with his guitar, or swimming with his friends on a nice summer day. A fanatic of soccer, sand volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, Noah is always ready to compete in almost anything. A fun fact about him is that he cannot stand coffee, deeming it unpalatable and unnecessary for everyday life.


After attending his first TeenPact Four Day State Class in 2020 and returning the following year, Noah immediately fell in love with the ministry and wanted to get involved. Noah is passionate about TeenPact’s mission and how it cultivates Biblical servant leadership through hands-on opportunities and experiences. Approaching the internship, he is thrilled to have the opportunity to disciple others in their faith, invest in the next generation of leaders, and inspire others to engage the culture from a Biblical perspective.

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