2019 TeenPact Intern

Toby DeMoss

Toby DeMoss happily calls Shaken Willow Grove, Pennsylvania—a neighborly land, rich with history and phenomenal Philly Cheesesteaks—home. Toby grew up just outside of Philadelphia, with his parents and four siblings, enjoying the oldest zoo in America and a phenomenal music culture.


The DeMoss family began their TeenPact journey in 2013 when Toby’s older brother attended his first Four Day Class. Two years later in 2015, an excited, but nervous Toby tagged along.

Although he spent the majority of the first class quietly observing, Toby was hooked. From the first moment, TeenPact began to stretch him as a student, through encouragement to run for clerk at his first state class, all the way to now serving as an intern and having the opportunity to lead the entire class, he has seen God at work in his life. Toby loves to share how, through the people of TeenPact, Jesus has consistently shown Himself and challenged Toby to live a life worthy of the call he has received. He’s excited to serve as a 2019 TeenPact Intern and encourage others that they have the ability to genuinely change the world around them for our good and for God’s glory.


If you’re looking for Toby, there is a good chance you’ll find him working alongside his dad, brother, and best friend DJ’ing events, running photo booths, and managing control lighting . . . you could say everyday is a party at the DeMoss house! With a love for research, learning, and pursuing new ideas, Toby loves to use his free time to learn about the world (thank you, Google), refine and practice the craft of photography, and listen to adults discussing thoughts. Always original, sometimes slap-happy, and ever amusing, be sure to ask Toby about his exciting adventures (like the time he swam in a 600 foot deep volcanic crater in South America) and the not-so-exciting ones (like when he caught pneumonia over Christmas . . . while in Uganda). Toby loves bullet points and clipboards, spontaneous drawing sprees, licorice, sharing jokes, laughing with friends, and listening to old music (the 60’s especially!).


Toby is currently serving as Vice President of the TeenPact Nation, in office since May 26, 2018.


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