Tyler May

Although he is about to move to Richmond, Virginia, Tyler has called Georgetown, Texas home for most of his life. Known for its crystal clear lakes, Tyler has loved growing up in the Central Texas heat. Tyler is the middle of three children; his siblings are his best friends. The May family loves hiking adventures and competitive frisbee games. As long as they are together, they will always find a way to have a good time!


Tyler is passionate about practically every sport. You can often find him on the basketball court or playing a good game of spikeball or frisbee. Tyler will attend Liberty University in the fall, majoring in Finance, but he is also considering a career in full-time ministry. Tyler has been passionate about ministry for a long time and found that Teenpact is the perfect way to pursue his passion for leading others toward Christ.


Tyler’s love for Teenpact was not automatic. He was forced to attend his first state class in 2020, but he soon discovered that Teenpact was much more than just a “political nerd camp”. Teenpact inspired Tyler to develop a sincere relationship with Jesus and live excellently. Since then, he has also realized that young Christians being involved in the political process is an incredibly noble cause. Tyler is beyond excited to travel around the country, encouraging teens toward Christ and challenging them to be Christ-like leaders.

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