COVID-19 UPDATE: To limit the spread of the Coronavirus, we have cancelled remaining 2020 State Classes. Click here for more information.
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North Dakota

TeenPact currently conducts its classes in 48 states with the goal of being in all 50 states, allowing every student in the United States the opportunity to participate in a class in their capitol!


If your state doesn’t currently host a TeenPact class and you’d be interested in seeing that happen, please complete this contact form. We are thrilled you are interested in TeenPact and can’t wait to share with you how this ministry is impacting students and families nationwide! We would love to keep in touch with you as we make plans to make the TeenPact experience available to all students in North Dakota. If you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact Lari Folmar at She will get back to you promptly to answer any questions you may have about TeenPact.


In the meantime, there is a TeenPact class in a state near you so your student can attend a class this year. Please click here to see which class is closest to you.



Four Day Class

The Four Day Class is a dynamic, hands-on leadership experience where students learn about state government from a Christian worldview. Students gather at their local State Capitol to run for student office, participate in a mock legislature, and learn about how they can be effective leaders in their community back home. For students ages 13-19.


For more detailed information on the Four Day Class, please click here.



Political Communication Workshop

The Political Communication Workshop trains students to analyze and interpret public presentations through a variety of activities and discussions. Students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills as they participate in policy debates, practice political negotiations, and discuss current events. For students ages 13-19.


For more detailed information on the Political Communication Workshop, please click here.



One Day Class

The One Day Class is an action-packed day full of exciting experiences that introduce students to their state government using a dynamic, hands-on approach. Students are led by an energetic staff team as they explore their Capitol, pray for their leaders, discuss their mock legislation, and so much more! For students ages 8-12.


For more detailed information on the One Day Class, please click here.



Evening Sessions

Evening Sessions are an integral part of the TeenPact experience, allowing students to combine the academic emphasis in class with a spiritual focus on students’ relationships with God and one another.


On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, TeenPact offers Evening Sessions that give students the opportunity to relax and fellowship with like-minded peers in a more casual environment. Students play games, participate in small groups, enjoy a time of worship, and are challenged by a message from the Class Director.  Parents and commuter students are invited to attend.