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TeenPact Promotional Videos are Here!

Serena Deloglos June 15, 2015
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This past April, we gave you an inside look at communications within TeenPact–the workings, heart, and vision behind it all. Then, last month, we gave you a behind-the-scenes look at one of the exciting projects, the creation of TeenPact promotional videos. Today, the waiting is over! It is time to officially release the video (which premiered on May 21st at National Convention) as well as the never-before-seen extended edition.


Why two different videos? We wanted to give TeenPact families multiple options when it came to promotions. The short video is ideal to give interested students and parents a brief introduction to TeenPact. It has been designed to run well on a facebook page or at a conference booth.


The extended edition, on the other hand, gives the viewer a much more in-depth look at our ministry. This one is great for people who want all the details and have the time to share. Use this video in promotional talks to your friends, school groups, and conference sessions.


Feel free to share and download these videos as much as you like. This blog is the only place they are being officially released today, but they will be available on our main website soon.



Promotional Video



Extended Promotional Video



If you have any questions or comments about this project, send us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you! Thank you for celebrating this finished project with us!


Special thanks to Videographer Jillian Bowen of Every Generation Productions as well as the 2015 Texas I students and staff team for their help in the filming of this project.



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