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Macaela Bennett July 29, 2016
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On July 10th we welcomed a record-breaking number of students to the beautiful campus of Liberty University. Gathered from over 20 states for this one-of-a-kind intellectual experience, students who attended TeenPact Judicial had an incredible week!




Coming into the week, I didn’t know what to expect. TeenPact Judicial exceeded all expectations. Leaving Judicial, I feel more enlightened and empowered than any other TeenPact event. I am now prepared to enter back into the “real” world and share with others my renewed passion for Christ. – Anna (North Carolina)


It was 6:00pm, Friday, July 15th, 2016. Just a few hours ago we were sweating on the frisbee field. Back in professional clothes, ninety-some students, parents, TeenPact staff, and Law School faculty gathered for a banquet in the Club Level of Liberty University’s football stadium. The sunset glowed golden-pink against distant storm clouds while folks at each table swapped stories and laughed over memories shared throughout the week.



Just a few days before, our students were introduced to members of their brief-writing team. Together they worked to solve logic puzzles and LSAT questions as part of an intense week-long competition between the “Law Firm” teams. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we enjoyed interactive lectures presented by Deans and Professors at Liberty University School of Law. First-time Judicial students could tell you how they plagued Judicial alumni with questions regarding the all-new Alumni Track sessions with Professor Grant Rost. (They are sworn to secrecy!)



A highlight for many was an afternoon to participate in frisbee drills led by Liberty University Women’s Ultimate Head Coach Jonathan Mast. Meals shared at Liberty’s top-of-the-line cafeteria and the countless van rides across campus were all times of fellowship and fostered an ever-growing sense of community. Back at the Law School, TeenPact staff and Professor Rost guided students to study a realistic case file and empowered even our youngest students to write a legal brief and draft oral arguments. When Thursday morning came, every student stood before a judge to argue their case against opposing counsel in the Moot Court Tournament.


This week really improved my confidence. The staffers were really supportive and encouraging. I realized that I am not as bad at public speaking as I feel I am most of the time. – Jessie (Colorado) 


These students experienced first-hand how Judicial is TeenPact’s most academic and intellectually challenging event. Conversation, session, and prayer time revolved around themes of identity, fear, and what our Program Director Luke Martin shared about ‘boasting in weakness.’


I had always ‘known’ that I mattered and was loved by God and those around me. But so often, too often, all I could hear were voices in my head saying “I am worthless,” “I don’t matter,” and “No one cares about me.” At TeenPact Judicial I was enveloped by so many people who encouraged, supported, and loved me. During the Moot Court Tournament people who lost to me would immediately ask how they could help me prepare for my next round of arguments. – Spencer (Nebraska)



It was 7:45pm. The Dean of the Law School Keith Faulkner, Professor Rost, and class-nominated Student Representative Skylar Babin (FL) each shared inspiring words. Excitement and emotions were high as we waited with bated breath for the Moot Court Tournament results to be announced! While only a few can take home a trophy, speaker award, or A+ legal brief, perhaps that is okay. Yes, perhaps this is good. Students and staff alike took home memories, new-found friendships, and spiritual refreshment to say “This is good,” a week well worth any blood, sweat, and tears. Because whether a student came in first or did not place at all, our prayer from the beginning was that an opportunity to deepen their relationship with Christ and develop skills of an effective servant leader would be well worth the effort.


The love I was shown at TeenPact Judicial changed me. I could tangibly feel God’s presence and love for me in a fresh and new way. I will never be the same. – Spencer (Nebraska) 




Congratulations to the 2016 TeenPact Judicial Moot Court Runner-Up Jordan Armga (FL) and Tournament Champion Spencer Rothfuss (NE).



Join us for TeenPact Judicial in 2017 to experience this life changing event for yourself. Also, stay tuned for a Judicial Student testimony coming to the blog soon!




Photo Creds – Alexis Moore




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