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We Couldn’t Do It Without Them!

Morgan Hatfield April 24, 2015
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Many behind-the-scenes logistics contribute to the success of a TeenPact class. In addition to the countless volunteers we have working in states across the nation, volunteers here at the TeenPact National Office make those important logistics happen. We have been blessed by several office volunteers who have given their time to assist packing boxes containing the administrative tools and materials for our State Classes.



What are the jobs of an office volunteer?  January through April, volunteers work on making hundreds of nametags, labeling student folders, counting candy, mailing books, taking store inventory  and more. They pack t-shirts, student notebooks, constitutions, brochures, and lanyards, all staples of a TeenPact State Class. Once packed, these materials are sent out to the states where the classes are held.



Not only have our volunteers spent hours working to ensure that we are producing excellent class materials, but also add much excitement to the office environment. We are extremely grateful for the volunteers who have donated their time and efforts to the success of our classes. Thank you!


Interested in Volunteering? Email [email protected] and let us know you’re interested!

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Morgan Hatfield

Morgan Hatfield is our 2015 Administrative Intern for TeenPact Leadership Schools.