TeenPact is designed to help students understand the political process, value their liberty, and engage the culture. Through our hands-on and practical teaching, TeenPact Students learn how to embrace their call as the next generation of leaders, find encouragement among like-minded peers, and develop the skills to engage the culture. 


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At TeenPact, we believe students learn best by doing. That’s why we offer hands-on leadership classes across the nation.

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May 07, 2022

Nalani Roberts

TeenPact. What is it? That’s what I wondered after my mom signed me up to attend TeenPact North Dakota’s State Class. My mom had seen an advertisement for the Four Day State Class on a homeschool Facebook page. All that I knew about TeenPact…

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May 06, 2022

Submission to Authority

In this episode, Submission to Authority, Quinton Cools sits down with 2022 TeenPact Program Directors, Stephen Deloglos from Virginia and Caleb Sayres from Florida to consider how to wisely discern what biblical submission to governing authority…

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April 29, 2022

Competent & Good Elected Officials

In this episode, Competent & Good Elected Officials, Quinton Cools sits down with 2022 TeenPact Program Director, Zeke Erickson from Mississippi to consider how to vote for leaders who reflect God’s character and will in their conduct…

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April 22, 2022

Voting Rights

In this episode, Voting Rights, Quinton Cools sits down with 2022 TeenPact Program Director, Franklin McMahan from North Carolina to explore how voting rights have changed and why protecting voting rights matters.   Learn more about TeenPact…

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