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Midseason 2015 Update

Peter Martin March 09, 2015
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Greetings from Richmond!


Here in Virginia, we have experienced one of the coldest and snowiest Februarys on record and ‘cabin fever’ has set in for many as schools, businesses, and churches have been closed multiple times in the last several weeks.  As TeenPact is a national organization with classes in states from coast to coast, I know that many of you have had similar experiences this winter.  We have had delays and capitol closings that have impacted our classes, and we thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through the changes.  As one of our State Coordinators said in an email to the class, “This was not part of our plan, but it was God’s plan A all along.”


Even in the midst of the unusual weather, we have seen God moving in amazing ways throughout the TeenPact nation this year.  This week, the 2015 Program Directors and Interns are gathered in Richmond for a midseason debrief.  We will take time to review the first half of the year and recharge for the second half.  In addition, we will share with one another encouraging stories of God’s goodness to us all this season.


Let me share some highlights with you.  There have been over 2700 students registered for the Four Day classes and over 1600 students registered for the One Day classes – record numbers!  Those are not simply numbers, but they represent lives that have been changed by God through their experience at TeenPact.  Whether in completing the homework before attending the class, participating in TeenPact Legislature, running for office, praying for the governor, listening to a speaker, or hearing a Class Director’s evening session, hearts have been touched by the grace of God.  Our mission is being fulfilled, and God is being glorified!


We have a lot of the season left and we have much to do to finish well.  Please be in prayer for the students, the staff teams, the volunteers, and the office staff that we would continue to seek God, and that we would do all we can to spread the good news of Jesus Christ across the country.




Peter Martin, President

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