Bella Goodrich

Bella was born in Sparks, Nevada, and has grown up loving the beautiful scenery that it has to offer. Known for its desert land and tumbleweeds, Nevada surprisingly has much more to it, some of her favorites being the big blue skies, towering mountains, and Lake Tahoe. She enjoys everything outdoors, whether skiing, hiking, gardening, fishing, or playing sports with friends.


Bella is the second of 11 children and enjoys being a part of a large family. It can be hectic sometimes, but life is never dull when surrounded by love and laughter. 

She believes that the little things in life are the most beautiful. The smell of fresh rain, a plant sprouting out of the soil, happy clouds in a blue sky, opening a good book, laughter over the most random things, learning a new instrument, worship with other believers, church on a Sunday morning, and conversations about Jesus with friends.


Bella is excited to see what God has in store for this season of her life and looks forward to how He will work in and through her in this position. Since 2018, TeenPact has played a special role in pointing her to grow closer to Jesus and has ignited a love and passion for youth ministry. It is her prayer that she can help and encourage others in their walk with Jesus as others have done for her; not for her glory, but for His alone.

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