Blaise Timmons

Blaise was born and raised in Oregon, he has lived in many places, but for him, his home is the small town of Brownsville, Oregon. The Willamette Valley in Oregon is full of hiking trails, farms, lakes, and rivers. In the summer, Blaise enjoys all things outdoors except bugs. In the winter, you will find him snowboarding and shredding the slopes of the cascade mountain range with his family. In the Timmons family, there are two boys and two girls. Blaise is the second youngest. Their passion for adventure comes from his family moving, and life as a soldier’s son. When there is nothing to do, Blaise will longboard, it is on his bucket list to master every board sport. At thirteen, Blaise attended his first TeenPact event, he was a very eager and passionate student, somewhat of a nerd for politics. TeenPact helped him fine-tune his enthusiasm for avenues that loved and served people. By fourteen, Blaise was a massive nerd for politics, and in that TeenPact class, he committed his life to Jesus. Blaise became a staffer a few years later, and this year he is beyond excited to serve the ministry as an intern. Growing up in church, Blaise loved to bring people together inside youth groups, he is excited to love others in every state he visits this season. Matthew 4:19, “And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

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