Brad Heredia

Brad was born in bright sunny Santa Barbara, California, but after moving to northwest Missouri at four, he joyfully calls Maryville, Missouri, his home. He enjoys the small-town feeling Maryville provides while being close to experiencing the large-city feel of Kansas City. 


Brad spent most of his youth attending swim meets, doing school in front of his fireplace, and sharing fun moments with his two older siblings: Brianna and Brandon. Traveling for his swim competitions meant countless weekends, which still influenced his love for road trips and experiencing new activities. He spends most of his time now hanging out with his friends, playing volleyball, and working as a waiter at a local Greek restaurant, A&G.


March 2019 was Brad’s first Four Day State Class, which he went into hesitantly. He went into the class hoping never to return but left with a newfound love for Christ & his life changed, and expectant for the following year of TeenPact. Brad is humbled to be a part of the internship program this upcoming year and is excited to help students uncover the Truth of the Gospel through the political process and Christian lifestyle.

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