2019 TeenPact Intern

Carissa Gould

Carissa Gould was raised along the iconic Route 66 in Edmond, Oklahoma. While she, her parents, and four siblings enjoy this land of beautiful plains and spontaneous weather, their love for travel is boundless (each of them have already visited all 50 states).


Carissa was introduced to TeenPact in 2011 as a One Day Student, but she didn’t understand why people loved TeenPact until she attended her first Four Day Class in 2014. TeenPact was the first experience where she saw people her own age living lives devoted to Christ. Watching these young people, who had true intimate relationships with their Creator, inspired her to go home and intentionally learn more about and grow closer to the One who gave His life for her. She is grateful for the way God has used TeenPact to mature, challenge, teach, and encourage her, personally, as well as through the myriad of friendships she’s made. Carissa is looking forward to building connections with new people all around the U.S. and growing friendships as she serves as a 2019 TeenPact Intern. God works in and through everyone that comes into contact with TeenPact, and she can’t wait to see the way that unfolds this next season.


Loud, funny, and honest, Carissa invests her whole heart into everything she sets her mind to. Passionate about kids, she serves on the Autism Oklahoma’s Youth Advisory Board and works at We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym, a kids play place with sensory friendly equipment that caters to the autism community. In the future, she would like to pursue law with the goal of becoming an adoption or civil rights lawyer. In her spare time, Carissa loves gathering good stories as she travels (ask her about the moose), photographs life around her, spends time with her little brother, and enjoys ice cream for dinner with friends.


Carissa is currently serving as President of the TeenPact Nation, in office since May 26, 2018.


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