Chloe Jo Woodell

Chloe Jo Woodell was born in Simi Valley, California but now lives in Bentonville, Arkansas. She loves exploring the trails, creeks, and natural beauty of her home state. With her five brothers and three sisters, growing up was never boring in Chloe Jo’s house. They enjoyed directing and producing their own home video renditions of movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

Chloe Jo attended her first Four Day State Class in 2017. When she returned the the following year, she experienced a beautiful community of believers and saw what it meant to be a faithful disciple of Christ. It was after this class that she truly fell in love with the ministry and became interested in staffing.


When Chloe Jo is not at TeenPact, she loves reading, driving around Bentonville with her windows down listening to music, and serving on her church worship team. Chloe Jo is currently pursuing a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences at University of Arkansas and hopes to eventually work as a pediatric therapist.


Chloe Jo is honored and overjoyed to serve with TeenPact on the 2022 Intern Team. She cannot wait to hear the testimonies of God’s faithfulness and see more of His character revealed through the lives of others in the ministry this year.

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