Evie Erickson

Evie was born and currently lives in the friendly city of Columbus, Mississippi. She loves the quaintness and hominess of her small town. When she was younger, she spent lots of time playing outside in the woods and pond behind her house with her five younger siblings.


These days she can usually be found working at her local coffee shop as a barista. When she is not on the clock, she enjoys doing fun and spontaneous things around her town like thrifting, hanging out with friends, or even simply driving on country roads at sunset. She also enjoys road-tripping and usually is driving somewhere every few weeks. Her favorite destination is the mountains of Colorado where she enjoys hiking and mountain biking.


When Evie attended her first Four Day State Class in 2017, she had low hopes of this “Christian government camp”. However, by the end of the week, she was blown away by the leadership and spiritual maturity of the Staffers and Interns. Since then, she felt called to serve in the same capacity that she had been served. During this upcoming 2022 TeenPact Season, Evie looks forward to letting the Lord use her to pour into and disciple the Students and Staff across the country.

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