Gabby Sharp

Gabriella — or Gabby, as she prefers to be called — is from the central state of Kansas, often considered to be the best ‘flyover state’. Gabby has grown up on a farm just outside of the small town of Humboldt and is the youngest of four girls. The Sharp family would consider themselves dedicated to the farming lifestyle, and while most families have a movie or game night as quality time, the Sharps can be found working at the farm on a project. And when they aren’t working, they are taking a break to eat a meal together.


Gabby occupies her time with basketball, showing sheep, and working at her local coffee shop, Fillmore Coffeehouse. Gabby, and her family, are passionate Kansas State fans, and one of her greatest highlights from the spring of 2023 was meeting the K-State football team in the Kansas capital.

Gabby’s time in TeenPact started as a One Day student when she was 11 years old. From that first interaction with TeenPact, the Lord has used this ministry to challenge Gabby in her faith and most importantly, teach her the value of a personal relationship with her heavenly Father. As Gabby serves as an intern, she hopes that it will be Christ in her that is seen first, and she is incredibly excited to see how the Lord will work in the 2024 season.

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