TeenPact Era: 1998 - 2004

JohnDavid Thompson

As a student

From my very first class, I remember being taught to try and argue both sides of a topic and how to think through both sides of that argument.  That is not to say there isn’t a strong bias at times or that we can ever operate completely outside of our presuppositions. However, what is so desperately missing, not just in politics, but in so many areas of life, is the ability to discuss different viewpoints, and work toward understanding what lies behind a person’s opinion/position/philosophy.  TeenPact helped me develop an ability to discuss and think through issues, and ultimately to: 1) question everything in an investigatory manner; don’t take things at face value; and 2) engage and discuss/argue the ideas, not the person.



TeenPact’s emphasis on servant leadership made one of the greatest impacts on my adult life.  Looking back, this emphasis on servant leadership is especially unique in our “selfie” culture.  During my years with TeenPact, I was continually impressed at the effort that was made to encourage and engage others by those in leadership. There was rarely an air of superiority, but rather encouragement and a genuine interest in me.  Those examples and instructions on servant leadership have shaped and influenced the ways in which I try to operate as a business owner with employees and customers.  It has also impacted my interaction with bible students, and I would be remiss if I did not recognize that this same attitude of servant leadership has been a blessing in my daily life as a husband and father.

Student Stories