2021 TeenPact Intern

Katie Patterson

From the heart of the Ozark mountains, Katie lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with her parents, her siblings, and her two pups, Tagg and Lulu. Although she’s lived in the same neighborhood her whole life, she hopes to travel the world as a flight attendant after serving with TeenPact this year.


Katie’s mom signed her up for her first State Class with only seven days to complete the homework! Although it wasn’t until her second State Class that Katie truly came to love TeenPact, her first year showed her the influence she had as a bold ambassador for Christ. Now, as a Traveling Intern with TeenPact, Katie looks forward to meeting people around the country and sharing God’s goodness.


When she’s not leading State Classes, Katie can be found at home, savoring a slow morning with a coffee and a journal. She loves spending time with friends, whether through exploration, movie nights, or trips to the beach. Katie also volunteers as the Culture Director for her church’s young-adult ministry, and can’t wait to implement the skills she has learned through her new role with TeenPact.


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