Luke Willson

Having been born 30 minutes away from Disneyland in Orange County, California, Luke now calls Raleigh, North Carolina his home. Living in the suburbs, yet having quick access to the city, Luke has enjoyed both worlds. Luke has an older brother, an older and younger sister, and two loving parents. From a young age, Luke has had a passion for sports, music, and politics. He has been blessed with the opportunity to lead a youth worship band for the past three years while playing guitar and singing.


In his free time, Luke enjoys playing sports, strumming his guitar, debating, and hanging out with friends. Luke is most passionate about politics and one day would like to run for office. With a passion for government coupled with his love for people, Luke believes the Lord has called him to be a light in local government.


Ever since Luke’s first Four Day Class, he fell in love with TeenPact and its mission. Luke strongly believes that Christians should be active in our government and he loves how TeenPact not only teaches Students about the political process, but does so from a Christian worldview. Luke is most excited for the opportunity to travel around the country and teach Students about the political process, showing the love of Christ to all he comes across. He is so thankful for this ministry and is praying that the name of Jesus will reign supreme this upcoming State Class Season!

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