TeenPact Era: 2012-2019

Madelyn Fryer


My mom is responsible for sending me to TeenPact in 2012, but I am responsible for staying at TeenPact. I was not involved as a student. I was the quiet girl in the back of the room who never raised her hand or initiated conversation. Yet, I learned so much by observation. Throughout my TeenPact experience, I’ve gained an appreciation for the political process. While this isn’t where I feel most confident, nor is it my favorite element of the State Class, it has developed my dependency on the Lord.


Looking forward

My dream is to work in an environment with middle/high school girls. I have developed a passion for people to understand who they are in light of our Creator.  Because of my personal story, I relate to the struggle of not knowing your “true identity,” and what that feels like as a high school girl. If that experience brought me to my knees in frustration, I know there are other girls whom I can link arms with and encourage in this struggle. TeenPact has only deepened my love and desire to serve young girls.


Student Stories