TeenPact Era: 2008-2011

Molly Hall

As A student

Initially, I thought TeenPact was exclusively about learning and understanding the political process and was only for the more outgoing, confident personality types.  Both of these assumptions turned out to be wrong.  Just like pizza is simply a vehicle for taking care of and loving our guests, the political process was simply a vehicle to equip and empower students like me in leadership.  In the end, I don’t think back to what TeenPact taught me about the political process, but rather about what it taught me about leadership and about the Lord.



Because of TeenPact, my only frame of reference for leadership going into college was servant leadership.  Of course, you lead with humility, getting in the trenches, and modeling character alongside your team.  The older I get, the more I realize how opposite of mainstream leadership culture this actually is.  And even further, the restaurant industry is known for being very much the opposite of servant leadership.  It’s thrilling to step into an industry known for poor leadership and choose to do something different.  I hope we stand out for how we lead our company, our team, and ultimately every guest interaction.

Student Stories