2019 TeenPact Intern

Rachel Kanyur

Rachel Kanyur grew up midst the arid, mountainous beauty and contemporary cityscape of Phoenix, Arizona. She loves being surrounded by her two parents, four siblings, two dogs, four guinea pigs, and the tumbleweeds.


Rachel’s TeenPact story began when she attended her first Four Day Class. After hearing about her friends and family’s TeenPact experiences for years, she was on the edge of her seat in anticipation and counting down the days until the class began. Based on what she had heard from other students about the class, she thought she knew what to expect and came to that first day of class as the epitome of over-prepared home school nerd – notebook stuffed to the brim with homework, statistics on current events, resolutions, and bills. However, throughout the week, Rachel was stretched mentally and physically (looking at you, capitol stairs), but also challenged spiritually. In the past, she’d found it easy to give scripted answers without digging deep or living out her answers. TeenPact was the catalyst that began breaking down those tendencies bit by bit.  Rachel loves TeenPact because it trains teens to be Christ-like leaders, not just in politics, but in whatever they choose to do. The leadership skills that are taught and the godly attributes that are encouraged during the class are applicable to all areas of life. And most importantly, they are useful for our number one mission: to love others, share the Gospel, and further God’s kingdom.


Rachel is looking forward to the unique people and places she’s going to become acquainted with over the next year as she serves as a 2019 TeenPact Intern. Even though she won’t be able to fully know each person or place, she’s excited to get a glimpse into what life is like in everyone’s personal corner of the world. Rachel loves seeing the impact fellow Christians are having in these places, and considers it an honor to have the opportunity to personally show the love and light of Christ wherever she goes.


When not at a TeenPact event, you can find Rachel enjoying one of the many things that make her happiest – reading at the library, hiking, roadtripping, pressing flowers, thrifting, watching sunsets over the cacti, and consuming large amounts of Arizona Tea. Diplomatic, spontaneous, and independent with an interest in politics and love for working with new people, Rachel has thoroughly enjoyed recent opportunities to work on local and state political campaigns.


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