2021 TeenPact Intern

Ryan Folmar

You probably haven’t heard of Yantis, but Ryan is one of the 388 people that call this tiny Texas town home, where Ryan was raised on his family’s farm. While online college classes and his mowing business keep him busy, his favorite pastimes usually involve traveling and lots of chocolate. Give Ryan a mountain to ski down and a glass of chocolate milk and you will find a very happy man. While Ryan loves to have fun, his true passions involve serving at TeenPact, as well as at a special needs ministry and other camps.


Three major things have stuck with Ryan since his first Four Day Class: He saw that young people could have serious conversations about Christ and life with friends, singing and worship can be a very special and joyful experience, and Ryan was inspired to know that he could be a mature leader and not just an apathetic teen. He is excited to share his experiences with others this State Class Season and can’t wait to build new friendships throughout his internship with TeenPact!


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