2019 TeenPact Intern

Truman Forehand

Truman Forehand calls the sleepy little town of Garfield, Georgia home. With a population of only 204 people, we can say with surety that his presence will be missed when he’s on the road traveling with TeenPact. The punny peacemaker of the family, Truman loves being in the middle of his five siblings, two sister-in-laws, two nephews, and niece.


When Truman attended his first Four Day Class in 2014, he looked like just another quiet student who was too shy to volunteer for anything or talk to anyone. Despite outward appearances, he loved the class and left planning which alumni events to attend. Looking back, it was  the first time he saw people his age who were genuinely invested in their faith, his life, and his faith. At first, Truman loved TeenPact because it spoke to his passion for politics and government. But by halfway through that first State Class, he realized that it was so much more than that. He now loves TeenPact, not because of the politics (although he still enjoys that), but because it is a community of believers who are truly invested in serving Christ and helping other people  do the same. God has used TeenPact to take Truman from being shy and apathetic about his faith, to realizing that he can serve Christ now, in big and little ways. Because the community of young, passionate believers is what keeps him coming back to TeenPact, the thing Truman is most looking forward to as a 2020 TeenPact Program Director is forming that community with more people, with the goal of helping each other follow Jesus and showing His love to others.


Truman works as the director of a community theatre his family started and has spent this past summer interning with a speech and debate company, training students how to communicate effectively. An aficionado of random factoids and obscure helpful knowledge, Truman learned to read for the express purpose of reading  his older siblings’ history books. He continues to channel this love for learning as he reads Wikipedia articles on random subjects, makes recipes he found via google, critiques comically low quality movies, and looks for pretentiously obscure music worthy of clever reviews. While he’s not any good at playing football, he loves to watch and study it with takeout lo mein in hand.


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