State Class Field Director

Amber Cooper

Amber Cooper loves people and loves seeing the Lord at work in their lives. Through tearful prayers with her daughter after a devotion and worship to seeing her son inspired to lead his peers, Amber has seen God use this ministry in her own family. As a State Class Field Director, Amber is passionately seeking new ways to spread the love of Christ to students and families around the country through TeenPact’s model of imitating Christ’s service, compassion, and love.


When she isn’t helping with TeenPact, Amber can be found hiking in the mountains, gardening, or traveling with her family. She loves growing medicinal herbs and making her own salves, tinctures, and natural remedies. One way you can keep Amber in good spirits is by bringing her coffee with honey. She considers both coffee and honey a necessity more so than a preference.


Amber recently moved back to the South (Georgia) with her husband Tim and youngest son Drew. Their oldest son Zac remains in Reno, NV where he serves as an auditor for the DoD (Department of Defense). Her daughter Gracie is studying Human Resources at UTC, and Drew is finishing up his remaining hours to earn his private pilot’s license while still in high school.

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