Brooks Breedlove

Brooks was born and raised in the beautiful town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He takes advantage of the many opportunities in a college town, including many sporting events throughout the year. He can often be found on Lake Tuscaloosa riding jet skis and hanging out with friends, leading worship for his church congregation, playing pickup games of basketball and various other sports.


Brooks is the youngest of four Breedlove children. He enjoys doing almost anything with his older brother Chandler including playing basketball and guitar. Brooks also enjoys singing and making music with his sister Caroline and shares a birthday with his sister Anna Leigh, who is seven years older. Some highlights with his family include hiking and exploring Glacier, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone and going to Nassau, Bahamas on 3 mission trips. Brooks was homeschooled from 2nd grade through his senior year in high school. He learned to love sports by watching his siblings play and enjoyed playing with the Tuscaloosa Warriors throughout his home-school years.


Brooks first attended TeenPact’s four-day class in 2018 and has been involved since then. As a program director, Brooks is eager to serve the ministry, others, and the Kingdom of God, growing in spiritual maturity, relationships with others, and his relationship with the Lord. He looks forward to pursuing the TeenPact spirit and stepping outside his comfort zone again through this season. Brooks loves public speaking and is excited to have the opportunity to teach and lead once again throughout this upcoming 2024 TeenPact season.

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