2021 TeenPact Intern

Caleb Sayres

Having lived in Maryland and Colorado, Caleb calls the relaxing town of Melbourne, Florida home. He loves playing many instruments, as well as basketball. Caleb used to constantly play Chess, but now prefers going on a drive with friends, hanging out at the beach with a bag of Sunchips, or playing his guitar. Wherever you find him, Caleb’s energetic and sincere personality will be on full display. It doesn’t take long to see that Caleb loves people and enjoys using his gifts for the benefit of others.


Caleb’s first TeenPact State Class powerfully impacted him by seeing the strength of a community of strong believers and disciples for Christ. It showed him how he could be living a more intentional and passionate life for the Lord at home by learning to encourage and grow with other believers in his community. Outside of TeenPact, Caleb has worked many places, from garden shops to mango farms. He currently works with a construction company, as well as a local tree-trimming company. Caleb loves to implement the relational intentionality he learned through TeenPact, and is ready to do so on the road next year as a 2021 Traveling Intern.


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