2019 TeenPact Intern

Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson hails from the Sooner State, Oklahoma, where he’s grown up with monochromatic landscapes and kind-hearted souls in the little town of Piedmont. A quaint town with an ironic name (Piedmont means sloping hills, yet its topography is so flat), Piedmont has been home to Grant, his parents, and three siblings for many years.


When it came to TeenPact, Grant’s answer was a firm and adamant “no, thank you!” However, in 2014, he was inspired by his parents authoritative power to attend his first TeenPact Four Day Class. While it wasn’t love at first sight, by the end, Grant had made some new friends and thought TeenPact was pretty fun. He walked away from the experience realizing that his words and demeanor had value and were capable of exponential impact. As key as that lesson was to learn, more important was the authentic community Grant found. TeenPact is a family chasing after the same pursuit, and the pursuit actually matters. Through his TeenPact experience, God has given Grant a front-row seat to watch His work be done. And that has forever changed Grant. As he enters this season as a 2019 TeenPact Intern, Grant is excited about the opportunities to show other young people that one can have a lot of fun, think for themselves, and be relevant while giving Jesus all you have.


Not one to shy away from a challenge, Grant enjoys coaching Lincoln Douglas Debate, teaching drum, and running his business, Sharp Detail OKC, a mobile car detailing company. Always looking for people to encourage, he looks forward to the opportunities these jobs create for him to meet new people and serve those around him. After a long day, there’s nothing Grant loves more than playing music and sports, reading apologetics and theology books, and looking for creative ways spend time outside with friends. While his favorite people all agree that Grant is consistently unpredictable, there is one known exception – he is confident that the oatmeal creme pie is the 8th Wonder of the World.


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