Staff Development Manager

Isaac Richardson

Isaac Richardson was born in Kansas but grew up in the small rural town of Holden, Missouri. As a child, Isaac was instilled with a love for the outdoors and could usually be found exploring creeks, making forts, and climbing trees. When Isaac has free time on his hands, he enjoys listening to podcasts, going on walks, cooking, hunting for deals at thrift stores, and spending quality time with friends! Isaac also loves spontaneous traveling; however, he doesn’t do that often because it’s an expensive habit.


Isaac was strong-armed into attending his first Four Day State Class and, being a pretty stubborn child, was determined to have a terrible time. However, after that class ended, Isaac realized how incredible the ministry of TeenPact is and quickly had to back-pedal on the whole “stubborn” bit in order to convince his parents to let him attend National Convention. In the following years, Isaac went on to serve as a Staffer, Intern, and Program Director. Isaac is excited to continue serving with TeenPact in his new role at the National Office!

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