2019 TeenPact Intern

Jessica Searl

Jessica Searl grew up moving often, as the daughter of an Army Chaplain. (She’s called Oregon, Washington, South Carolina, and Missouri home.) This state of constant transition bonded her and her siblings tightly together–as she says “they mean the world to me!” Jessica now lives amidst the vibrant rolling agricultural hills of Kentucky in the small town of Rineyville.


Jessica’s TeenPact story began in 2010 when she attended a One Day Class with her brother while her older sister was staffing. While she enjoyed it, it wasn’t until she went to her first Four Day Class in 2014 that the TeenPact experience truly captured her heart. Seeing how the whole staff team demonstrated what it meant to practically live the Christian life encouraged and challenged Jessica to re-examine how she lived her day-to-day life. Jessica loves TeenPact because, not only has it allowed her to become close friends with incredible people all over the country, but God has used TeenPact to help her grow confidence in her skills as well as to deepen her relationship with Him by drawing her closer to himself. TeenPact has challenged Jessica to be active and engaged wherever she is, seeking to intentionally invest in those around her. Jessica is beyond excited for the opportunity to serve as a 2019 TeenPact Intern and invest in others as she shares the lessons she’s learned throughout her TeenPact experience. She is hopeful and expectant to see the ways that God is going to work through the season.


A Post-it notes & Pop Tart enthusiast (both of which are produced in Kentucky), Jessica approaches life with a thoughtful, earnest zeal. With a book in one hand and cup of black tea (chai, please!) in the other, Jessica loves to sit down with friends or her family to discuss literature, music, theology, or science. Growing up with a mom who loves math & science, Jessica sees how all those times solving problems with her family has inspired her love of new ideas and interest in studying physics. When not contemplating ideas, Jessica loves reading classic literature, taking cross country road trips, teaching cello, and catching up with friends at her favorite local coffee shop.


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