2019 TeenPact Intern

Joel Myers

Joel Myers hails from the big city with a welcoming, small town culture – Omaha, Nebraska. While there are a myriad of cool reasons to love Nebraska (unicameral legislature, the College World Series, and four times as many cattle as people), above all else, Joel confirms that the five coolest reasons are his parents, the TeenPact Nebraska State Coordinators, and his three amazing siblings.


When TeenPact Nebraska held its inaugural class in 2013, Joel attended his first Four Day Class expecting one thing, but discovering something else. He was astonished to see the powerful counter-cultural way the staff team led throughout the week. Inspired to start taking his faith more seriously, Joel sees the evident ways God is working through the people in TeenPact. He believes there is nothing quite like TeenPact, with the combination of education, ministry, mentoring, discipleship,  and relationships. Practically speaking, through TeenPact, Joel has learned invaluable leadership and life skills about being on a team, organization, scheduling, and discipleship. Joel is excited to be serving as a 2019 TeenPact Intern and looks forward to the opportunities to build new, deeper relationships with people in and outside of TeenPact, all across the nation.


With a big heart and funny, sarcastic outlook, you won’t want to miss out on Joel’s analysis of life. While sports and politics are usually the first thing on his mind, Joel can also provide excellent reviews over the virtues of barbecue, the evils of cats, or the details of VeggieTales. Summer months find Joel working at his family’s fireworks tent while he stays busy in the winter working as a waiter for a local caterer. When he’s not working or studying, Joel enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors, reading, lifting weights, playing frisbee and eating his signature snack blend, Cheez-Its, Swedish Fish, fruit snacks, and Pringles.


Joel is currently serving as a Senator of the TeenPact Nation, in office since May 26, 2018.


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