2021 TeenPact Intern

John Clayton

John hails from historic McKinney, Texas just a few miles north of Dallas. Quick-witted and dependable, John loves to play basketball, improvise on the piano, and relax on a rainy day. He is currently an online student with LeTourneau University, pursuing a degree in Aviation to become either a missionary, or a private or commercial pilot. There are few things John enjoys more than spending time with his best friends and munching on some beef jerky and fruit snacks.


John’s favorite part of TeenPact was watching the Staffers act out the Bill Skit at his first One Day Class. As he spent more time with the ministry, John began to love TeenPact because of the many God-fearing people who want to draw closer to Him and who push each other to do the same. John quickly found that TeenPact is a place where lifelong friendships are made, and a place where you can be your “normal” self. John is most looking forward to working with the Staffers and Interns all around the country, growing closer to Christ, and having a blast along the way.


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