Field Director

Kirsten Patterson

Kirsten Patterson is by profession a homemaker…but her social media will tell you that she is a Jeep driving, baseball loving, home-educating, marathon running, golf score keeping, public speaking, wedding coordinating, sunrise chasing, classical education training, deep thought thinking, question asking, state coordinating, Bachelor in Political Science graduate of the University of Arkansas, who is wife to Jon, mom to Emma, Katie, Sam and two new-by-marriage sons, Cole and Ben. What the social media bio leaves out is that she is passionate about young adults, the Bible, worldview training, politics, and critical thinking.  


As a Classical educator of 20 years she has worked in the past decade with Classical Conversations as a speaker and trainer to equip parents to be “lead learners” so they can inspire wonder and learning with their children at home. Five years ago God molded her passion of mentoring young adults to know God and make him Known in whatever vocation he calls them into, with her training in politics, and love of Scripture by bringing her into the role of State Coordinator for TeenPact Leadership Schools.


Kirsten is more than thankful that God has given her the opportunity over the past 25 years to realize that she has influence for his Kingdom in her home and community through her interactions with small groups of people. especially young adults.  She has grown in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as she pursued having a Biblical understanding of the world we live in. Kirsten is so excited to continue impacting young people, and making a difference in the world as she serves as a Field Director for Teenpact.

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